Quasense generic contraceptive

Opinion: Quasense-The Generic Breakthrough Contraceptive

Quasense is a generic extended-cycle birth control pill. An offshoot of the patented contraceptive Seasonale, women who take Quasense will have only four periods a year, lasting approximately three days. Quasense is accepted as a bona fide generic contraceptive and assigned an “AB” ranking by the FDA. In essence, this signifies that the generic version is deemed equivalent, if not better, than the brand-name version.

Generic Benefits

Any generic medication is mandated to go through specific tests to measure up against their brand-name versions. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, utilizes tests to establish whether the generic adaptation is comparable to the brand-name product and assigns a rating. An “AB” rating given to Quasense, and other generic derivatives from Seasonale, means that they are the same as the original medication.

Quasense has been proven to prevent pregnancy in more than 99% of situations, even when utilized as the predominate form of birth control and used precisely as prescribed. Besides being less costly, generic forms of medications like Quasense has its benefits as well. These are:

    Regular menstrual cycle, decreased blood flow, reduced possibility of anemia
    Cramps and other discomforts during the menstrual cycle may decrease and become less frequent
    Lumps and non-cancerous cysts will appear less regularly
    • Acute pelvic-inflammatory ailments will appear less recurrently


One woman stated, “I have had very encouraging experiences with Quasense. I have always suffered with severe PMS, and excruciating long periods. In addition, I suffered from adult acne. Quasense changed all of that. Even though in the first month I experienced breast tenderness and nausea that others experienced, there was zero breakthrough bleeding. By the second month, my skin was flawless, my PMS disappeared, and my periods were less painful and lighter. My position is that Quasense is a good choice.” J.P Missouri

Another woman said, “I have been on Seasonale since it was first introduced with no problems. When the generic version, Quasense, came out, I changed to that, and still no difficulties, not even with cramping or spotting. I never experienced weight gain or bloating either. The only difficulty I had was with melasma, but that can occur with any contraceptive.” Jessica in Wyoming


If taken precisely as prescribed by your doctor, including not taking pills in larger or smaller amounts or for longer periods than suggested, Quasense can be a relief from monthly menstruation discomfort. However, any suspicious bodily changes should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

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