COVID-19 and ED: myth or reality?

Early 2020 shocked the world with the storm of pandemic disease: new virus from China affected the planet’s normal life and changed the overall situation. Millions of victims, billions of long-term-affected?

It’s widely known that at least 30% of COVID-19 patients suffered symptomatic abnormalities even after the recovery. The rest may not understand the real impacts due to absence of any visual signs. Talking about ‘symptoms’ we mean the disease itself: fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint and chest pain and even more.

But every single man on the planet is being suspicious if COVID-19 affects his erectile function. Our colleagues from FECSM educate the society and patients to find correlation in between getting COVID-sick and following erectile dysfunction appearances.

The first letter had been published in early May 2020 and unveiled COVID-19 doesn’t affect the testes or sperm in long-term period. Though it’s important to keep investigating the problem.

The scientists told that being recovered from COVID-19 men’s sperm remained more or less normal , but some slight correlation could be found anyway. But it is good to remember it was the first time the planet face that kind of pandemic, too few patients had been triple rechecked and we need to widen our investigations to assure there’s no direct or indirect influence of COVID-19 on sexual function of mankind, including possible ED appearances in human patients.

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